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Customglove® instruction

Customglove® INSTRUCTIONS:

Mounting your Customglove® on your glove is easy. Here is the Step-by-Step instructions. 

However, if you are not used to handle a Hot Iron, let someone who is do the magic for you!! Ex. Mom, Dad or your Equipment Manager..


What you need is a Hot Iron, and your Customstick®.

Make sure you TURN OFF THE STEAM on the iron before working your Customglove®, and set the heat to about 300°F or 160°C.

Make sure to have a solid & stable surface (ex corner of a table) since you will have to apply some preasure when mounting.

Separate the 2 names along the perforated line.

Make sure that the gloves are DRY and min. room temperated. If they are not, you should iron the name area dry before application.

1. Remove the protective film from the backside of the Customglove®.

2. Fit the Customglove® to the selected area for application. (fasten with 2 needles at the edge if neccesary).

3. Press with the Hot Iron on top of the platsic for about 4-5 seconds, and your name will transfer on to the glove. MAKE SURE TO HOLD THE IRON STILL. Otherwise it may smudge the letters.

4. Very carefully remove the plastic sheild, and make sure that the letter have transfered on to the glove.

5. Put the plastic shield back over the name, and repeat the process about 2-3 times, then let it all cool down.

6. Gently feel the print so that it has melted down in to the fabric of the glove. If it has not, put the plastic on top again and Re-Iron.



NB. Customglove® works only on textile/fabrics, NOT on leather or faux leather.