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Step-by-Step instruction

To apply your Customstick® is easy as 1-2-3.

Her are the step-by-step instructions, with a few "bonus"-tricks.

Before you apply your Customstick®, MAKE SURE THAT:

  • The stick is cleaned from any grease, sweat or tape left-overs.
  • Carefully pre-heat (with hairdryer) the area where your Customstick® should be mounted, to about 140°F. or 60°C
  • Make sure to (after applied) to rub the transfer-tape properly with your thumb, so that the letters stick to the surface, and also gently warm it up again so that the adhesive activates.
  • Let the stick & Customstick® cool down to room temperature before removing the semitransperent transfer-tape.
  • You have good light, and a clean area. With someting firm to place the stick against.



Mounting instructions in 6 steps


  • Remove your Customstick® from the bag and separate a name by the perforated line.

  • Turn the Customstick so the text face down on a hard surface, and slowly remove the backside paper in a sharp angle. Be gentle, and work slowly, and make sure that the letters release from the hard white paper part.

  • Wipe the surface of the stick clean from any grease or tape leftovers. Make sure the surface is Warm & Dry before applying the Customstick® name.

  • Aim the name by placing the top part first, that is normally empty from letters on to the stick.

  • When placed on the stick, gently rub your thumb up and down the semi-transparent film that covers the letters. At this stage you can heat the letters with a hairdryer for about 15-20 seconds to activate the hardening process for the glue. Please not that the glue has a hardening process of about 24 hours.

  • When the stick & Customstick® has cooled down to room temperature, you can remove the transfer film from the stick.


Some extra tricks.

If you apply your Customstick® as described, it will last the life-time of the stick.

However, you can still Scratch it off by using your nails or a key.

To prevent that, you can apply a few layers of clear laquer to protect it.

Or you can simply tell your little brother, to DON´T MESS WITH YOUR STICKS!!


  •  Namnet sitter bra med denna metod men går fortfarande att skrapa bort, vill du att namnet ska sitta bättre kan du stryka lite lätt med ett strykjärn på namnet, se till att ha ett bakplåtspapper över. Detta gör att namnet smälter in lite i klubban.

  •  Ett annat tips är att ta klart nagellack och stryka över namnet, var noga med att låta det torka innan du använder klubban.


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