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Customglove handske 400


White Customglove® text for the Dark Colored gloves!

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The Customstick® BLACK Text 5-pack, for the players that always has an extra stick prepped and ready.

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Customstick® products are one of the hottest new concepts in hockey, that enables you get your Pro-look & personal made branding (PM) on your sticks & gloves.



Is a product to put on your stick to really MAKE IT YOURS!

That Personal Made look, is a privilege that in the past used to be reserved for the NHL & other pro-league players.

A dream for the Equipment Managers of your team, and on top of that, it makes you look good!

Thru research & collaboration with some of the biggest brands in Hockey, we have developed a product that works on any modern hockey stick (Not ideal for Wood).


All orders are Custom-made on your request with the name & number you chose, (no, we won’t make 99 Gretzky) unless he orders of course!!

You can use up to 14 letters for the name, without spacing. Spacing = 1 letter. 14 letters is about 3,9 inches hight.


Please see the instruction on how to apply Customstick® in the tutorial section.



The background is for the sticks that carry a lot of graphics, that makes it hard to find a clean nice area to place your Customstick® text.

Our recommendation is to place it over the sticks Info-text of Flex, Lie etc. Thats were the Pro´s get their name on it!!!


The background should be put on prior to the mounting of the Customstick® text.


The measurements are 3,9 inches, that are the standard measurements used by the brands in hockey.



Let your gloves show people who you are, in a good way! MAKE IT YOURS!

Gives your gloves that Custom Made look, that is a true sign of the pro´s.


Each Customglove® order is custom made for a pair of gloves, and you can use up 12 letters without spacing.

12 letters is about 2,7inches wide.


Customglove is made in a special transfer print material that is only absorbed by woven fabric In material as Nylon, Ployester & Cotton blends. Meaning = any modern hockey glove. Non Leather.

And should be ironed on to the glove using a hot iron without steam.

Please see our tutorial on Customstick.com on how to apply the Customglove®

It does NOT stick to Leather or Faux Leather.


Customstick® & Customglove® are Trademarks under Customstick AB in Sweden.

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